Monday, July 18, 2011

Welcome to “Let’s Talk Over Tea,” an opportunity for me to talk about my favourite topics and what’s going on in my life and then hopefully, to discuss with you what you think or feel about them.

In anticipation of the new and final Harry Potter movie release, I was re-reading the book series and on finishing the fifth book, I had already read the series through once, I discovered that I had not read the sixth and seventh books.  The seventh book was so exciting I read it in a day and a half, which for a book that has 700 pages, it was no small feat and made me see the light as to why that had to divide the movie in part one and two.  The “Deathly Hallows” takes the reader on an emotional roller coaster, it causes you to run the gamut of emotions and then makes you crave for the second movie.  I cannot wait to see this movie but I have to wait till August to see it with my best friend because she lives in Alberta and I live in British Columbia.

Last night I recieved a phone call from above mentioned best friend, we’ll call her Mary for now, vent about the break-up of her relationship with her first boyfriend since her split from her husband and how after he decided to end the relationship he has the nerve to keep calling to “check on her” and ask her if she’s alright days after the break-up.  He kept phoning her and telling her about how he’s been in contact with all of his previous girlfriends and crushes and the like.  Then she receives a phone call from her soon-to-be-ex-husband informing her of this major decision that he has made that change both of their lives as well as the life of their son.  There should be a web-site that women can go to, along the lines of Amercia’s Most Wanted, to report about men who plays games, are thoughtless and inconsiderate, who jump from one relationship to another, etc. so that women can check out these guys even before the first date.  It would save a lot of heartbreak for women as well time and energy so that we can focus on finding real men.

Have a great day and tune in tomorrow when I will discuss a fantastic concert I went to a couple of weeks ago and a new book.  Also, I will recount a childhood memory that made me stop and think of my mom and my quest to find an easy recipe for dinner involving rice.


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