Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Good morning world, I was awoken early this morning by severe anxiety…about my life, my children and my husband…instead of panicking I started to pray and God spoke to me.  One of the topics of conversation was my weight, I have been severely overweight since the birth of my son and I don’t like being this way, not because of appearance, but because of my health.  I want to be healthy again, able to run with my children and exercise without becoming winded after a few minutes, and a little bit for my appearance because there are some very cute summer looks out that I can’t pull off and I want to.  So, join me on my journey to a healthier me.  I weighed myself this morning and because this is a blog and I want to be honest, I weighed in at 189lbs.  I will be exercising by using my Wii; the Wii fit yoga and the “Biggest Loser” for the Wii.  Both are fun and challenging and because they have many levels, you won’t plateau too soon.  Let’s have fun and get healthy.

Living in a suburb of Vancouver, BC there are never any guarantees when it comes to the weather, and today is no exception.  We were supposed to have sun with mixed in clouds and it was supposed to be warm, but no, I don’t know what it’s doing but it’s not warm.  Our summer so far hasn’t been the greatest, besides the weather being lousy, my van broke down the second week of vacation so we haven’t been able to go anywhere except on the bus.

Which leads me to first topic of the day; riding the bus with my children.  My children and I had to ride the bus home a few weeks ago and it was extremely traumatic for my son and upsetting for my daughter.  My daughter was frightened by the people, which I can handle because I just explained to her that all people are different and you don’t have to be frightened unless they give you a reason to be.  For my son, however, it was a different story, you see he has autism spectrum disorder so I couldn’t explain about people and I couldn’t make it easier for him, he was frightened, agitated, anxious and there wasn’t anything I could do for him.  In doing everything I could think of to comfort and settle him, I was taken back to my childhood and a memory of my mom herding my brother, sister and I onto a bus and how flustered and anxious she was.

In the seventies, it was uncommon for families to have more than one car, so if my mom wanted to take us anywhere she had to take us on the bus.  With three children, a stroller and her handbag it was an exercise in futility for mom, she inevitably ended up frustrated and frazzled which would then lead to anger and she would blame my dad.  It was difficult to see her so upset and I often wished that I could do something to help her, so I would take care of my sister getting on and off the bus and sitting with her.  I remember thinking even then as a child that I would always have a car when I was a grown-up so that I wouldn’t have to drag my children onto the bus and feel the way my mom felt.  But, sometimes life doesn’t always cooperate and we have to deal the best we can and my son survived and we got home, so alls well that ends well.  I sometimes forget that if I pray about these things before I face them and have faith that God will carry us through then it would make my life simpler, although my son doesn’t always respond the my words of encouragement, and then I just ask God for strength and courage to get through it all.

Have a glorious day and may God be with you in everything that you do and remember to pray in all things and praise Him especially in the difficult times.  He is always near.


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