Monday, August 1, 2011

Good morning world, it’s BC day, our province’s birthday and I don’t know how old BC is but it is a beautiful day and I will be spending it with my husband and two children.  I love living here, we have the ocean, mountains, lakes and amazing parks and all within an hour drive from where we live.  I was born and raised the Greater Vancouver area and have lived nowhere else except for a year-and-a-half when we lived in New Zealand.  I was four when we moved and returned home on my sixth birthday and because of the time zones I had three birthdays, it was the best.

I was with my sister this weekend and we were driving home from church and was remembering a time when I wasn’t being the best big sister to her.  It was winter time, there was snow on the ground, and it was dark, my parent’s made me take my sister everywhere because they both worked and our brother had his own friends and he was older so I had to look out for her.  This one night we were coming home from visiting friends and I didn’t want to walk all the way around the block, so I decided that we were going to cut through the construction site across the street from our house.  Although our parents had told us to stay out, it was the fastest  and warmest way home, so I found a space in the fence, it was made out of wood,  and I felt in the dark that there was a large hole full of ice, snow and water.  I told my sister to stay close to the wall because there was a “puddle” and I didn’t want her to get wet.  I started walking, heard her behind me, and then I heard a splash.  I should inform you that although my sister was only two years younger than me, she was probably a good six inches shorter than me, she was really little and she was accident prone.  Anyway, she had fallen into the water, completely soaked herself and she lost a boot.  I couldn’t find her boot so I rushed her home, threw her in a hot bath and stuffed her clothes under the tub.  Of course our parents came home while she was in the tub, asked her what happened, she ratted me out and I got grounded.  She loved and trusted me and so did whatever I told her to do because I was the sneaky one she always got into trouble and she was a terrible liar.

One of my favourite musicians  is a Christian artist named Michael W. Smith, he performs worship, praise, Christmas and contemporary music and he is so gifted and anointed by God, he lifts me up everytime I listen to him.  One of his CD’s is a blue worship CD and he performs a song titled “Help is on the Way”, if you are feeling alone, scared, like God isn’t there, facing a health issue, or just low, this song will lift you up and make you cry, possibly.

Well, that is all for today, make it count and love the ones you’re with.


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