Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Good morning world, yesterday I spent the day at a local lake with my children, my sister and her little guy, my niece who is twenty-one and my best friend and her son, who is between my children in age.  The weather was perfect, it was sunny and warm with a little cloud cover.  The lake water was cool but not too cold and I spent probably 85% the day in the lake which took care of my daily workout and was totally relaxing for me because I played with my children, searched the bottom of the lake for “treasures” and sometimes just floated.  Swimming is great form of exercise because you don’t feel like you’re working out, there’s no pressure on your joints and it works every part of your body, plus I just really love the water.

The only place I’d rather be than in the water is on the back of a horse or watching horses interact and run.  They have so much power, yet are so graceful.  One of my biggest dreams is to own my horses for myself and my children, as we have all had riding lessons and want to continue, having our own horses would be a dream come true for all of us.  My children are naturals and because my son is autistic, I have heard that riding is great therapy for autistic children and my son is no exception.  When he is on a horse is totally relaxed, feels in control and when he is tacking his horse he feels like he is taking care of someone other than himself and that gives him a huge confidence boost.  There is a housing development near where we live, it is actually an executive housing development called an equestrian estate.  The houses are large and the properties are all a half acre and larger, but the beauty of it is that in among the properties there are riding trails.  The larger properties can have their own stables  but at the entrance to the estate is an indoor riding ring, outdoor riding ring, stables and a clubhouse, so that you can house your horses here if your property isn’t large enough.  This is also a dream of mine, to own a house with a place to house my horses, killing two birds with one stone so to speak.

Tonight I am going to see the final Harry Potter movie and I am so excited, it is the conclusion to the series and although I have read all of the books, it is a whole new experience to see the characters come to life.  So, have a lovely day all and I will write about how much I hopefully enjoy the movie tomorrow.


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