Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Good evening world, normally I would be coming to you in the morning but my house has been in an upheaval the last few days as preparing for my husband’s departure on a business trip to the Phillipines.  My children and I drove him to the airport this morning to see him off as we always do because he traveled often when he was working for the company he was with before this one.  With his old job, he was gone once a month for a week to either California or Massachusetts, he also traveled to Greece, England, and Colorado once or twice.  My children were much younger then so it was easier on all of us and I didn’t feel any apprehension with him going away.  This trip however is different, I felt a great deal of apprehension coming up to this morning, my children are older, it has hit our daughter especially hard being in an emotional space right now, she is really close to her dad, my son being autistic doesn’t like the change in the dynamic of the house so he is being especially attached to me, lots of hugs and kisses, not wanting to be out of my sight although he is thirteen, and as for me the quiet in the house without his voice and the absence of him from our bed is what hits me the most.  I have cried a little already today and I am certain that I will cry some more tonight and everytime my children have a disagreement.

I am very excited about some new cosmetics that I just bought from Sephora, which by the way, I don’t if I mentioned it or not but I love Sephora.  It is like a candy shop for grownup women, it has different cosmetics brands with most of their product lines all in one place, it makes shopping for all of your cosmetic, skin care and hair care needs in one place, so convenient it’s perfect.  One of my favourite cosmetics line is Bare Minerals by Bare Escentuals and bought their bare vitamins which is a serum that goes under your moisturiser or over top of it if you please, it gives your skin a boost of energy and it conceals your pores if they’re noticeable.  The other product I bought was summer bisque which you can as a concealer and a base for your eyeshadow, I am so excited about them and I will let you know how they work on my skin tomorrow when I try them out.

Well goodnight for now and I will see you in the morning.


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