Thursday, August 11, 2011

Good afternoon world, I’m writing in the afternoon today because I didn’t sleep well last night, my husband is away on business for two weeks, and wasn’t able to wake up early enough to post.  I had to babysit my nephew, who by the way is the cutest little boy in the world at this moment, my son was the cutest little boy but he’s thirteen now…ahhhhh!!!!  I never sleep well when my husband goes away but for some reason this trip has been especially hard on my children, because they’re older, and myself because he’s gone somewhere that I don’t feel, you know, cool with and I don’t know the people that he’s working with there which also makes it difficult.  But, only thirteen more days more to go and he’ll be home again safe and sound.

I tried the two new products from Bare Minerals, bare vitamins and summer bisque, and I love them.  I used the bare vitamins as a foundation primer over top of my moisturiser, then I used another product of theirs called mineral veil, then my Bare Minerals foundation and I used the summer bisque as a base for my eye shadows; the result, perfection; my eyeshadow didn’t crease it actually stayed on all day and night, I was too tired to wash my face before bed; my pores looked minimized, my skin looked younger and had a sheen to it and I didn’t look shiny; I looked and felt radiant and I didn’t perspire as much either, which in the summertime is no small feat.  I love these products so much it re-establishes by love and belief in Bare Minerals.  As I mentioned before, I went to bed last night with my makeup on and the beauty of mineral makeup is that you can do that and not be worried about breakouts, it protects and heals your skin, it is good for your skin.

Why is that some fathers are great when they want to be, when it’s convenient for them.  My father was great when we were little, he played with us, taught us how to play tennis, us being my brother, sister and I, swim, how to play volleyball, took us hiking and all other manners of outdoor activities.  But as we got older he didn’t know how to cope, he wasn’t equipped to discipline us, nurture us and be a father that we could rely on, he was still fun and did stuff with us, but he wasn’t a father.  I was reminded of that today by a father in my life, not my own, who was so supportive to his wife and was playing with his child and being a dad, but a week ago he was frustrated with life and needed some “me” time which was away from the house.  I don’t understand this.  Please help me figure it out, give me some insight on your relationship with your father.

Have a great day and see you tomorrow.


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