Monday, August 15, 2011

Good morning world, hope you all a good weekend, mine was okay with my husband being away it’s still hard on my kids and I, but we’re able to talk to him on Skype which helps.  We haven’t done as much this summer as previous ones for one, my van was out of commission for most of July and second, the weather hasn’t really been cooperating which makes it not so much fun to be doing outside activities.  Not being able to swim in the ocean as been the hardest thing for me, although I have discovered that I do enjoy swimming in lakes more than I thought I would.  Cultus Lake is so huge it’s almost like swimming in the ocean except it’s warmer and there’s no waves which isn’t always a bad thing and it’s not like the waves in the Pacific off the coast of Vancouver are huge anyway.  So, we have about three weeks left of summer and I am hoping to be able to swim at Cultus at least once a week.  As you can probably tell I love the water and love to swim…lol.

Well, I had shared with you my hopes for losing weight this summer as I am significantly overweight, actually, according my Wii, I am obese which is okay.  I just weighed myself and I currently weigh in at 188lbs today, as my goal weight is between 130 and 140lbs I have a ways to go.  Thankfully, I have a few really great exercise programs: Wii fit which has aroebics, yoga which I surprisingly enjoy, and strength exercises; the Biggest Loser for the Wii which needs no explanation if you’ve ever caught an episode of the show; and finally, a DVD workout called Turbo Jam which is a boxing workout combined with aroebics which are amazing, it is fun, difficult and gives great results.  I am having to start over again with my weight loss goal because I haven’t made exercise a priority, I have been eating well for almost two years now because I was diagnosed as borderline diabetic, so my doctor told me to cut down my portion size, eat six small meals a day and cut out sugar as well as no sugar substitutes.  I am not concerned about weight loss because of how I look, I realized that if you’re not happy with how you look, if you can’t look in the in mirror and say you are beautiful then it doesn’t matter how much you weigh or the clothes you wear, you won’t be happy.  I am losing weight for my health and there are some cute clothes that I would like to wear that I don’t feel comfortable in yet.

Have a great day everyone, I hope that I have inspired you to make changes in your life and find happiness.  See you tomorrow.


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