Sunday, August 21, 2011

Good morning world, normally I don’t work on Sundays but my son and I were sick for a few days, man I hate head colds, so I couldn’t even look at my computer screen, let alone blog.  We are all better now so I’m back.  I sent my kids out with their grandmother yesterday, both have been feeling anxious about being away from me since their dad left for a business trip and haven’t wanted to be away from me but spending time with grandparents is very important to me as I was raised with and by my grandparents, so I insisted that they go.  I got a phone call a few hours later from my father-in-law informing me that they wanted to come home, they didn’t want to ride the skytrain or the bus anywehere.  Did I make the right decision in making them go knowing that they didn’t want to leave me and take public transit?

Have you ever noticed how fickle little children are with their affection?  I have a nephew, my sister’s little guy and I live him so much, besides being totally cute, he’s funny, smart and a miracle.  At twenty-six weeks into my sister’s pregnancy, the doctor’s discovered that she was retaining an excessive amount of amniotic fluid and it had leaked into the baby’s chest cavity and was compressing his lungs and heart.  They gave him a ten percent survival rate and put her on total bed rest, three weeks in the hospital and the rest, for as long as she could carry, at home.  My sister, Becky has kidney disease so we knew going on that she probably wouldn’t carry to term and would be on bed rest anyway, therefore this was not unexpected.  The doctors did two different procedures; one was inserting an amniocentes needle into her stomach,which then went into the uterus, into the baby’s chest cavity and drained fluid, this they did twice; the other procedure was inserting a shunt the same way as the needle and the shunt would circulate the fluid from his chest cavity into the uterus.  At thirty-six weeks Becky’s creatin level was climbing which meant her kidneys were in danger of shutting down, the baby was doing well and she was in good condition to deliver so they induced her for twelve hours but she couldn’t handle it so they performed a C-section.  At two months old Nicolas, my sister’s baby, had to have lung surgery.  Because of the fluid compressing his lungs, the lower lobe of his left lung didn’t attach to the rest of the lung but it had arteries pumping fluid into it, so it was causing his heart to work overtime, so they had to cut it out.  No big deal, right?  The surgery took 20 minutes, unbelievable and he was in recovery.  He is now a healthy, strong happy two-year-old.  Yesterday, my kids and I were leaving their house and my kids asked Nicolas for a hug, he gave one first to my daughter and then my son.  When I asked him for a hug, he ran half way down the hall, stopped, waved and said goodbye and then ran back to the livingroom.  No hug for Auntie Lisa, so fickle, gotta love them children.

Have a great day, enjoy the sunshine close to water and we’ll talk tomorrow.


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