Thursday, October 6, 2011

Let’s talk over tea, why do we, people, have dreams and instead of doing everything we can to fulfill them, because it might be or usually is too hard or scary, we take the easy way out, but it never is easier because it’s not the right way?  How do find the courage to overcome our fears and pursue our dreams?  I realized that I have to make dreams and goals more important and bigger than my fears.

I am going to place my dreams in a photo album, almost a scrapbooking idea, and keep it beside my bed and look at it every morning before I start my day.  As I achieve my goals or dreams, I will put a star or some other sort of sticker on the page to acknowledge that it is completed.  I am reading a book about learning how to pray because the act of prayer is different for everyone.  I think I mentioned in another post the name of the book “Can You Hear Me” and it is working for me because I have a very vivid imagination and I dream in colour.  Prayer is important when you’re facing your fears, it’s a way to vent your frustrations and know that the God of the universe is listening and in control and has a plan for your life and He cares about your dreams.

I am also reading a book for fun by the author Phillipa Gregory, she writes fiction based on history in 18th century England about King Henry the 1st and Ann Boleyn.  The book I am reading now is about the two daughters of King Henry the 1st, both his legitimate and illegitimate daughter and the battle between them for the throne.  They are fascinating and complex, sometimes they border on creepy because of the relationships between men and women.  Pick one up and I promise you will be hooked, I am.

Meet me here tomorrow with a cup of tea and your thoughts and we’ll talk over tea.  Good night.


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