Friday, October 7, 2011

Let’s talk over tea, my nephew, who is two-and-a-half, goes to a multi-sport class at a local recreation centre on Tuesdays and the children are brought by their mom’s, dad’s and some grandparents.  This past Tuesday, one of the little girls was with her grandparents and I had my daughter with me because she was sick. There was a seniors group playing pickle ball on the other side of the divider and my daughter was watching with this grandfather.  I went over to watch and the gentleman looked at me and said that he recognized me and had I gone to Earl Marriot High School in White Rock?  I said yes and he asked me my name, I told him my name and he said that he recognized and it turned out that he was my grade nine social studies teacher.

At the time in my life that I was going to Earl Marriot, my home life was not good, in fact it was very, very bad.  I was abused both verbally and physically every day of my life in the year that I was living with dad and first stepmother.  She was a very angry and sad lady and she took out her anger and frustration on my brother, sister and I but mostly on me.  I felt very alone and invisible and I was speaking with this former teacher, it dawned on me that in that time when I thought I was invisible and not worth noticing, someone knew who I was and paid attention to me.  I realized that I wasn’t invisible and that someone cared enough to only notice me, but remember me after thousands and thousands of students who came after me.  So if you are feeling alone, invisible, unworthy of attention and unloved, there is someone on this earth who knows who you are, cares about you and recognizes you.  There is also someone not on this earth who loves you, sees you, cares about you and feels that you are worthy of love and attention, His name is Jesus and although you can’t see Him or feel Him, he is there and He cares and loves you and you matter to Him, you are important and worthy.

Today is my sixteenth wedding anniversary and my husband and I are going out for dinner tonight with our two children because I want to spend my anniversary with the people I love and that is my children and husband, obviously.  Tell me where it is written that you have to spend your anniversary with only your husband.  This anniversary is especially important to me as it is the last anniversary that my parent’s celebrated before they separated and my life fell apart.  But more about that on Monday.  For my Canadian readers, Happy Thanksgiving to my American readers, have a great weekend and meet me here on Monday with a cup of tea and we’ll talk.

Oh, just a recap from yesterday, I realized that I had the era wrong for the Phillipa Gregory book I have been reading, “The Queen’s Fool” it was the sixteenth century, not the eighteenth.  Thank you


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