Saturday, October 8, 2011

Let’s talk over tea about the Fort Langley Cranberry Festival, it is a country fair in a little town in Fort Langley, BC which is a rural suburb about an hour east of Vancouver.  Every year on the Thanksgiving weekend they have this festival to celebrate the cranberry harvest.

This was my second year going because my sister started working in a tea shop called Infusion Bouteaque and I had to take her and pick her up.  Last year it was your typical October weekend, wet and rainy but today it ended up being foggy in the morning and by the afternoon the sun had come out and it was warm and beautiful.  It was a cool, crisp totally awesome autumn day and there were so many people, it was crazy but so cool.

All the merchants set up tents selling their wares, some offer great deals, then there are a vast array of other wares;  vegetables, fruit, jewellery, hats, candles, mini doughnuts, cheese, and other exotic food.  They had a bouncy castle for the kids, face painting, mini golf, the street – Glover Road – was shut down so the kids could run on the street among the various tents and people even brought their dogs.  There was live music, pretty decent too, prizes and even a 50/50 draw.  It is fun for the whole family, the only downside is the parking, if you don’t come early, before 10am, you may have a very long walk.

So next year, if you’re not busy, come spend the Saturday in Fort Langley at the cranberry festival and bring the whole family.


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