Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Let’s talk over tea about Thanksgiving:  yesterday was Canada’s thanksgiving and living in Surrey, BC that makes me a Canadian and so I cooked dinner, with the help of my husband and sister, for maybe the third time in my whole life.  I’ve been married for sixteen years as of last Friday and I’ve made turkey dinner the first year I was married for Christmas and the second turkey dinner I made was for Christmas ten years ago.  I haven’t had to make Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner every year because I’ve relied on my grandmother to take care of it but she will be 93 on the 25th and my sister and I were talking about Thanksgiving last week and we both discovered that she won’t be here forever and so holiday dinners will have to our responsibility from now on.  So, we made Thanksgiving dinner together and it was great, everybody really enjoyed it.  So, next turkey dinner will be Christmas and I’m going to take on the turkey and will also attempt to make pumpkin pie so I’ll let you know.

I have mentioned before how much I love cosmetics and my eternal search for coloured mascara and I thought I had found wonderful mascara at MAC, they have the most vibrant, beautiful colours in their mascara.  Anyway, I had bought two of their mascara’s in green and blue but I found the mascara to be clumpy and globby, really difficult to apply and then having to use Q-tips to take off the excess.  I was in Shoppers Drug Mart the other day and was looking for mascara and I found that Lise Watier carries coloured mascara and the wand is amazing, no clumping, no fixing needed and the colours are amazing.

I am loving Bare Minerals still, they have a concealer that also works as a primer for eyeshadow and I love it, it’s name is summer bisque.  It applies easily and quickly, as does all Bare Minerals products, you can also just wear as eyeshadow if you want to go simple for your day look and then add some eyeshadow for an evening look.  If you buy the Bare Minerals starter kit, although all the products don’t come in full size, you get a DVD teaching all the techniques to applying your makeup, real simple, real easy, absolutely love it.

So, I hope you have a lovely evening and join me back here tomorrow and let’s talk over tea.


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