Monday, October 17, 2011

Let’s talk over tea about our children and how we can teach them to be appreciative about what they have and how they can make a difference.  Last Thursday my son was given the opportunity to attend an event in Vancouver called We Day, it is a day for young people to be learn about children who are less fortunate and who have nothing, not even the opportunity to go school; it is also a day for young people to be motivated my guest speakers who are making a difference in the world and how our children can make a difference.

My son is thirteen and my husband and I have given him and our daughter many things that aren’t necessary but we have labeled them “rewards;”  video games and systems, toys, lego, ipods, laptops and books.  In third world countries children don’t even clothes and shoes and our children take even these “necessities” for granted, children can’t go to school, some don’t even have both parents or no parents growing up in orphanages or on the street.  My son’s eyes were opened to the plight of these children and he was moved to make a difference, he wants to change his world and my daughter is paying attention and wants to go to We Day.  Our daughter goes to a Christian school and they send high school students on missions trips, so she has already heard a little about children around the world and she has said that she wants to go on a missions trip.  As a parent, I haven’t set a good example for my children because of things that I want that I believe are necessities but really they are dreams, luxury items and so even I have had to re-evaluate what I want not need and reset my priorities.

So please take a look at We Day’s website and talk to your children about how they can change their world and themselves and reach out and change another child’s world.  It doesn’t take much and they will find joy and peace and hope.

See you tomorrow with your cup of tea and let’s talk about who we are, where we are planted and what we do.



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