Thursday, October 20, 2011

Let’s talk over tea about discontent, last Sunday at church two women spoke; one about her testimony, the other about a speech she gave at Toastmasters.  Both messages spoke to me and God challenged me about my feelings of discontent in all areas of my life.  After church my family, my sister and her son, my mom and her friend had lunch together to celebrate mine and my sister’s birthdays; mine was the Tuesday before and my sister’s is next week.  My mom’s friend gave my sister and I the same book and the book fit right in with the what God was saying to me, it was scary.

I have been discontented about my life for a very long time;  my weight, my house, my vehicle, the lack of money, my role as a mom and wife and my relationship with God.  The sad part is that I can control most of these issues, I just have dug such a deep hole that I can’t even see the light anymore; it’s not depression, it’s a feeling of discouragement and that God doesn’t hear me.  I’m not angry at God, I just can’t feel Him anymore, but I know that He hasn’t moved away from me, He’s still there, I’m just in this hole and I haven’t asked Him for help, I’ve been trying to do it all myself.

After lunch on Sunday I made a commitment to write down where I feel discontented, break it down and then pray over each area and read the book after praying.  I need to call out to God and then wait for Him to answer instead of taking things into my own hands, in other words, be patient.

If you are feeling discontented, ask these three questions:  are you blooming where you are planted, what are you doing with your life and are you fully trusting God, if you believe in Him?  We’ll talk over tea about these questions and travel this road together, don’t be impatient because it’s going to be a long road and it won’t happen overnight.  You’re going to fall into ditches and trip over potholes, but we’ll dust ourselves off, deal with the owies and keep moving forward.


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