Thursday, January 19, 2011

Let’s talk over tea about mineral foundation and my quest for the perfect one…I am a Bare Minerals fanatic…I have acne prone skin and so I am always looking for cosmetics that will not only make me look pretty but will also be good for my skin – enter Bare Minerals which I have been wearing loyally for the past two years.  I was using Pur Minerals but I didn’t like the way it was sitting on my face as well they have fewer choices in eye make-up as Bare Minerals.  My only issue is that Bare Minerals is loose so I was having puffs of foundation flying in the air so I have been on a quest to find a pressed mineral foundation comparative to Bare Minerals in price, quality, benefits to my skin and ease of use.

I started my quest at Sephora which is my candy store and yes, they carry pressed mineral foundation.  Their price is comparative to Bare Minerals so I purchased it and found that after about a week I was experiencing breakouts.  Dang nab it on to the next brand which led me to MAC.  I have used MAC in the past but never tried their foundation because they only carried liquid, which I am terrified of, and pressed, which also at my age can be revealing…I headed to the MAC store in Metropolis which is a mall about forty-five minutes from my house and asked a sales associate if MAC carries pressed mineral foundation which they do.  The sales associate, who was a guy, looked at a few shades and based on the tone of my skin chose what he believed to be the appropriate shade and then applied it to my face.  It was a perfect match and so I bought it, I have been using it for over a week now and so far no breakouts…the only issue is that it creates just as much puffs of foundation as Bare Minerals, on the positive side it doesn’t take as long to apply because I don’t have to swirl, tap, buff.  I am still on the fence about whether I will go back to Bare Minerals but being married to a man that doesn’t believe in throwing anything away, I will continue using my MAC foundation until it is finished and then decide about going back to Bare Minerals foundation.

Today, I had a visit from my two and half year old nephew whom I love so much and we had a ton of fun.  My sister and brother-in-law had a follow-up appointment at the fertility clinic where they have been receiving IUI procedure to conceive a child.  They had to return because last week at their scheduled ultrasound the doctor discovered that there was no heartbeat because the baby hadn’t developed based on the date of conception.  He gave my sister a choice of waiting a week for her body to miscarry or take a pill to bring on a miscarriage.  She decided to wait the week in case they had the date wrong but based on the ultrasound they had today there was no change so she made the incredibly difficult decision to take the pill.  So, we wait for the end of this dark time and then they move on but this baby will always be remembered.

Sadly, I missed “The Chew” today but I will catch it tomorrow and hopefully discover new recipes that I can share with you or you can check out their website and discover your own new recipes so talk to you tomorrow.



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