Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Let’s talk over tea about Let’s talk over tea…I really enjoy blogging and so I decided to put my blog on twitter and facebook but when I went to set up a profile, I discovered that someone else has Let’s talk over tea on twitter.  I then googled let’s talk over tea to see if the domain was taken and it was, so now what do I do, I have to create a new blog.  So my wonderful husband created a new blog for me and paid for a domain so that no one could take it from me.  All that needs to be done now is to buy the domain on WordPress and then my new blog will be complete…YAY me!!!!

I haven’t published any posts in the last couple of days because I have a terrible cold which I hope is almost gone.  I have found that the best comfort for a cold is tea.  I know that I should have been drinking lemon and honey in hot water but when you teas named chocolate mint, vanilla kipfler, and black caramel who wants honey and lemon.  The tea shop that my sister discovered a couple of years ago by accident has become my go to for tea.  I was drinking Tetley up till then but this shop has over 200 different teas in black, green, white, herbal, rooibos and fruit.  The name of the shop is Infusion Bouteaque, no that is not a misspell, it is located in Fort Langley, BC in a strip mall on the main drag, they have a table set up with jars of all their teas so that you can smell them which is half the fun.  They also make tea lattes with a teaspresso, like an espresso machine but specifically designed for tea and they are amazing and you can a latte in any tea of your choice.  I have become quite the tea aficionado and so I will be featuring a different tea shop every month because I love tea and I want to share my love of tea with you.

Many people have commented to my sister and I about how happy we are and that we smile and laugh all the time.  We definitely have a child like spirit, we like to have fun, play with our children and so I guess that makes us happy.  There moments in a crises when I make the choice between laughing and crying and I choose laughing, sometimes in the midst of my tears…moments when I have to choose between being happy and letting the sadness overwhelm me and I choose to be happy…and then there are moments when I let God’s Spirit fill me and I feel joy in the midst of my darkest hours.  My sister and were out the other day and the subject of our happiness came up and my sister reminded of our great-grandmother, who we called Nana, and how she was happy and laughing all the time and I realized that’s where we get it from.  Nana would laugh at herself and not in an awkward, self-conscious way when she was embarrassed, but she would just laugh with everyone else because she was happy and she liked the attention.  I still miss her everyday even though she’s been in Heaven for twenty-two years.

So have a wonderful evening and join me tomorrow when we chat over tea about Jane Austen.


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