Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Let’s talk over tea about Sephora…I went into my favourite cosmetics store to inquire about having a makeover because I want to research makeovers at the big cosmetics stores.  I love having makeovers, being made up both hair and face and then go out and see what reactions I get from my family and friends and it makes me feel pretty, but more than that, I really want tips on how to properly apply my favourite cosmetics:  Bare Minerals.  As I was walking through Sephora I came upon their hair care department.  I have eczema in my scalp and I have been using Aveda products but after two days the itch comes back.  I was in London Drugs a couple of weeks ago and saw that Bumble and Bumble have a shampoo with seaweed in it and I thought it might work in my hair so I bought it.  It has been working but I thought I would speak to the ladies at Sephora to see if it was the best product for my hair and for my son’s because he has dandruff. I know what you’re thinking, Sephora is cosmetics I should be talking to someone in a hair salon but I tried that and they suggested Aveda which is on the expensive side, but there happened to be a representative from Bumble and Bumble in this group of women I approached and she said that I picked the perfect products for my whole family but that I should add B&B tonic for those days when I’m between shampoos and also for my daughter whose hair mats after a couple of days.

I have been keeping up with my new favourite talk show “The Chew” and the last few episodes haven’t been helpful because the main ingredients haven’t been my thing…for example, today’s episode was about cheese and I’m not a huge cheese fan, I know, not a cheese lover which is a bone of contention between myself and my husband and sister…lol. So I decided to take a look at the individual chefs and their recipes…yes, their website has profiled each of the chefs and their recipes.  The first chef I looked at was Clinton Kelly, who is the host of the show, and he does mostly drink recipes, alcoholic and non and he has some wonderful drinks so take a look.

Tomorrow, let’s talk over tea about…have a great day


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