Saturday, February 4, 2012

Let’s talk over tea about taking time away from your family and allowing yourself to not feel guilty about having some time for yourself.  Today I headed to downtown Vancouver to take my daughter to acting class and to have my hair done.  I had to set up an appointment last week in what I believed to be a hair salon in my favourity hotel, the Four Seasons.  When I arrived for my appointment I sat down in the chair and the lady who was going to do my hair showed me a book which had all these amazing hair styles in it but when I said that I would love to have my hair done I mentioned that I needed my hair thinned and trimmed first.  It was then that she told me that only styled hair and not cut hair.  Okay, now what do I do…I needed my hair trimmed and shape to it and I needed to find a salon that would take me right away.  I have a girlfriend who has been telling me to go to the salon where she and her mom get their done…Holt Renfrew in Pacific Centre Mall, needing to have my hair trimmed and styled, that’s where I went.  Thankfully they had a hair stylist who could take me as a drop-in so off I went with Sheryl for a short consultation, in which she convinced me to lighten up, shorten, my bangs to which I said with some trepidation “okay”…ahhh…she took me to wash my hair which in and of itself is pampering and relaxing and then she started massaging my scalp which almost put me to sleep; then Sheryl took me back to her chair to start cutting my hair but first she offered me some water – it had lemon in it, not a slice of lemon, but the fresh lemon was already in the water! So cool!  An hour and a half later, Sheryl and I had had an amazing conversation full of laughter and a few tears and I had beautiful, classy, spunky new hair.  I will be going back to Holt Renfrew for my hair unless one more hair salon that I want to try wins me over…

I also went to Sephora today to buy some products that I discovered last week for my family’s hair and a cleanser for my son’s acne.  While I was there I thought about taking in a make-up lesson for next week, so I booked it.  I want to have it done using Bare Minerals to see some new colours that I might be afraid to try by myself and also to learn how to apply everything and what brushes I will need.

Let’s talk over tea tomorrow about The Chew after I catch up on some missed episodes and The Biggest Loser, which I watched last night…


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