Saturday, February 18, 2012

Let’s talk over tea about time for myself…I have been taking my daughter downtown Vancouver for acting lessons for the past four weekends and it has been such a good time for me; good time for me in that it’s been time alone for me.  I have been free to be myself and just wander around rediscovering a city that I cruised, worked and had dinner on the way to a concert in; a city that I grew up in and met my husband; a city that I love to visit but didn’t want to raise my kids in and I’ve had time also, to pamper myself in.

Today, I went to Sephora on Robson Street to have my makeup done.  I wanted to have a professional give me a new look and also to teach me how to properly apply my Bare Minerals, maybe add some new products to my collection.  The artist that worked with me chose colours and products that I wouldn’t have chosen for myself and took me out of my comfort zone was amazing.  She is so good at applying and choosing products, that she put me so at ease that I almost fell asleep in the chair.  She blended the colours and the products so well that I didn’t look overdone even though she used four different shades of eyeshadow,  I looked and felt amazing.`I have a whole piece of paper with new products and colours to replace what I have now and also add to my collection of what I love and I will need some new brushes.

After my makeover, I went to a cheesecake shop that I saw a couple of weeks ago which is conveniently located across the street from where my daughter’s acting school is and went inside to check it out.  Not only do they sell cheesecake, but also coffee and – yay me – tea, they even have a tea menu.  I decided to kill two birds with one stone and continuing my pampering with a slice of beautiful cheesecake and the second bird, tasting and comparing tea.  I chose the raspberry, white chocolate cheesecake and their mango mist tea and although the cheesecake was average the tea was amazing, smelled and tasted like sunshine and Hawaii.  I will be visiting other tea shops to taste their mango tea but so far, the mango tea I had today is the best.

Let’s talk over tea tomorrow about…more pampering and relaxing.


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