Sunday, February 19, 2012

Lets’s talk over tea about…tea, High Tea in particular.  Before I express my excitement over High Tea, I want to explain why I’m blogging about what I did on Sunday today; my computer died but my husband, who is a computer genius worked his magic and got it working again but now my internet is down so I’m using my son’s laptop. Also, it has been a rough week in my house; my son has been sick for six weeks now, my daughter was sick all this week and my husband’s favourite aunt died on Tuesday but hopefully all will be well from now on and my son has graciously allowed me to use his laptop whenever I need it so I’m back online and ready to get back to blogging.

High Tea…my first experience ever with High Tea was at the Urban Tea Merchant in downtown Vancouver.  I had stopped in the week before to scope the shop out, to make a reservation for high tea and to have tea latte as they are one of a handful of shops with a teapresso.  What is a teapresso you ask…like an espresso maker but for loose leaf tea.  Upon entering the shop, I was immediately drawn to the tea tins; beautiful colours with the logo of their tea supplier on it, two sizes and just plain pretty.  The ambience of the shop is wonderful, comforting and a vast array of pre-packaged tea in beautiful tins and a wall of their loose leaf teas.  I placed my reservation and ordered my tea latte made with their 1837 tea – “a black tea with notes of fruits and flowers from the Bermuda Triangle which leaves a lingering aftertaste of rips berries, anise and caramel.”  My feelings are that it would be better served as a cup of tea in the relaxtion of my home that a latte, but as they have over a hundred different types of tea I am sure I will find one or two that will make a beautiful tea latte.

I arrived for my High Tea and was greeted by the gentleman who had helped me last week and he led me into their tea parlour and seated me at my table.  He presented the menu to me and explained the various types of tea service.  I chose the Petite Afternoon Tea Service: my choice of tea in a teapot – the Alfonso which is a black mango tea; sandwiches – peanut butte and jelly, cucumber with watercress, egg salad and a chicken salad cone; a chocolate chip scone with strawberry jam and Devon cream; petit fors; a white cake with strawberry and almond paste coverd in pink icing and a chocolate sandwich cake with chocolate filling and ginger.  I relished in the elegance and pampering of high tea, the sheer joy of smelling the tea before I dressed it, the freedom to sit and enjoy this luxury of being with myself, being me, becoming a tea critic.  I will return the Urban Tea Merchant with friends to experience a different service and to see how they enjoy it.

Let’s talk over tea on Monday…



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