Monday, March 12, 2012

Hello world, usually I start all of my posts with let’s talk over tea but I have an announcement to make…I have my own domain now and it is will be a part of chatovertea but I wanted my own domain because I am becoming a serious blogger and I need to be professional.  I will also be getting a new laptop so I won’t have to share with my teenage son anymore, which for anyone who has lived with a teenager, you know is a challenge to get them to share so…I set off down the road to what I hope is my destiny, to reach the world and make them laugh, cry, drink tea or coffee if that is your drink of choice, and hopefully make a difference.

Let’s talk over tea about changing your life and for me that starts with getting healthy and finding my me.  My mom left my dad, brother, sister and I when I was almost twelve and through a course of events, lost myself and I have been searching for her ever since.  I have become complacent in every area of my life including my health, I am significantly overweight and am borderline diabetic and it is time to make a change.

My daughter’s school goes to Cultus Lake water slides every year for grades K-8 and I have gone along with her and her class every year and every year I am in a respectful tankini with a big t-shirt over top because I not only want to be modest but also I want to cover my body.  I made a decision last week that this year I would not be ashamed of my body and be me…to do that I need to lose weight.  Today, I weigh 195lbs so I figure that I can safely lose enough weight to drop to bathing suit sizes in three months.  I won’t push myself too hard because I don’t want to become discouraged and place too much pressure on myself only to gain the weight back…so, slow and steady and be successful.

Please join me on my road to better health and maybe inspire someone to step out of their complacency and be brave to reach their dreams.


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