Monday, March 19, 2012

Let’s chat over tea about…daughters and how we dream about taking her on shopping trips, getting mani-pedis, teaching her about make-up and skin care, talking about boys and helping her heal from a broken heart, and on Saturday I got to go shopping with my daughter.

We went on an overnight trip with my baby, who is ten, her two best friends and their moms.  Last Christmas, my baby’s best friend Sashy was given an American Girl Doll and she shared it with her other best friend and my baby, so they decided that they wanted one too.  I spoke with their mom’s and dad’s and we decided that we would take them on a weekend trip to Lynnwood, WA where they have an American Girl Doll store.  My daughter was offered a place in an acting school starting at the end of January for six weeks on Saturday and Sundays, so we had to postpone the trip to this past weekend.  It ended up being just moms and daughters so we set off Saturday morning to our hotel in Edmonds just twenty minutes from the mall and then on to Alderwood Mall and the American Girl Doll store…would you like to talk overwhelming but unbelievably exciting at the same time.

American Girl Doll, where do I start?  The store is divided into two sections:  the first is their historical dolls at the front of the store; Marie-Grace and Cecile – summer 1853, New Orleans, Julie and Ivy – summer 1974, California, Molly and Emily – summer 1944, America and England, Kit and Ruthie – summer 1934, Great Depression, Rebecca – summer 1914, Coney Island, Adddy – summer 1864, African American during the Civil War, Josefina – summer 1824, Santa Fe, and Kaya – summer 1764, Native Indian; the second is bitty twins – self-explanatory and My American Girl where you choose your doll with long hair, short hair, blonde hair, red hair, brown hair and she may even look like her owner.  They have clothes, hair accessories, shoes, glasses, musical instruments, horses and accessories, sporting goods, furniture, you name it.  It brought joy and tears to my eyes when I witnessed my baby girl picking out her first doll, she ran around the store with her friends and helping each other with their doll accessories.  I spent more than I should have but I couldn’t help myself, it was so much fun to watch her be a little girl and I will say that I was surprised to see teen girls as well picking out their dolls and accessories it goes to prove that there is still a little girl is all of us.

It was a true girls weekend full of joy, wonder, laughter, glee, tears from me and fun.  If you have a daughter between the ages of 8 and 16 and you’ve never been to American Girl Doll stores before, please do it and discover the little girl in your big girl and yourself…it is so worth it.


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