Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Let’s chat over tea about…children, I got to spend last Friday with my two children, my sister’s son and my brother’s girls.  We went for a walk with my brother’s dogs; Lily is a greyhound/collie mix and Oliver is a Pomerian, my two-year-old nephew walked Oliver which was perfect because they’re both the same size pretty much and one of my nieces walked Lily.  We ended up at an elementary to throw a ball for Lily to chase and in front yard of the school there is this great tree for climbing and my nieces said that they climb it regularly, not having climbed a tree for a very long time I attempted and found that I could still fare well climbing a tree.  My nieces and my children; who are ten and fourteen and myself took turns staying on the ground and taking pictures of those left in the tree.  I had a wonderful walking, talking, chimbing and taking pictures of all the children in my life.  God is good and His blessings of children are immesurable.

Let’s chat over tea about…going back to school, which was almost impossible and a challenge for my son.  He is, as I’ve mentioned before, autistic and change is extremely difficult for autistic chidren so going back to school after two weeks of spring break has been interesting.  We’re only two days back from spring break and he is ready for another break because his school schedule has been out of whack and he’s struggling to get back into the groove of school.  Three more months and we’re not only out of school for two months but he’ll have to change schools.  The school that he’s been attending for the past four years is a school for children with severe learning disabilities and because it only goes as far as grade seven we need to find a school for him.  Public school is not an option for him because of the nature of his disability and also because he has autism spectrum disorder  and we tried public from Kindergarten to halfway through grade two and it was not good for him.  Private/Christian schools are also not an option because they don’t have the resources to help him; he needs a lot of individual attention, a scribe and a laptop and/or tablet and so we are left with a school like the one he is in now in Vancouver but it costs a great deal and so we are praying for a financial miracle.

Tomorrow we will chat over tea about…my road to health.  Good night for now.


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