Monday, April 23, 2012

Let’s chat over tea about…joy.  I am venturing away a little bit from my normal posting because I had a unique experience this weekend.  I had an abusive childhood racked with abandonment and rejection and in all the pain and chaos I got lost.  I have been searching for myself ever since and trying to mend my broken heart and pick up all the pieces so that I could be me again.  This weekend I went to a healing experience at a local church, not knowing what to expect because my pastor sent out an email that there would a group from Redding, CA holding a supernatural spiritual retreat at our church on Sunday tied with the services Friday night, Saturday morning and night.  I stepped out in faith and out of my comfort zone to attend the Saturday,morning, healing service to meet with God and have some prayer requests answered, but I was given so much more.  I am free.  God met me, healed me, put the pieces of my broken heart back together and gave me peace.  I am different, I am forever changed, I didn’t find the me that I was looking for but found a new me, I am healed and ready to be the woman that God wants me to be.  After I was prayed for and was able to get off of the floor from my rest in God I went to a room that was called the soaking room and I just sat and listened to the worship music that was being played and I felt myself let go of what I felt was the fight thing to do and just started moving to the music and let it wash over me.  On Sunday morning at church I again let myself go and got a Holy Spirit workout because it was not moving my body but God and He flowed through me and around and God touched the people around through me and it was awesome.  I laughed and cried at the same time both on Saturday and Sunday and I didn’t even think that that was possible.  It was healing and purifying.

It isn’t going to be easy, stepping into this new place of peace and joy because when you finally are ready to be the person that God has prepared you to be the enemy will come in and try to wheedle his way back in to your spirit with his lies, with venom, his sneakiness and will try to steal back the ground he lost when I stepped out and opened myself to God and all that He has for me.  So I have to arm myself with weapons and a castle with a moat to protect myself and my family.  The castle with the moat is my home where I live and when I am away from my church where I can feel safe and protected,  I can feel safe and protected in my home.  The weapons to protect myself are my Bible and the peace and joy that I now have and when I feel the darkness closing in and the enemy starts whispering those lies in my head I can take hold my weapons and start singing God’s praises and just call out to Him and He will be there, as I was promised and told on Saturday when I was being prayed for.

If you feel any of the things, feelings that I have shared come to my church if you live close to White Rock, BC and if you don’t then find a church that supports and believes in the moving of the Holy Spirit, healing and miracles on a supernatural level and be open to God and what He wants to do you and let Him have His way.


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