Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Let’s chat over tea about…exercise and weigh loss.  I weighed myself this morning and I have lost four pounds since Saturday…my starting weight was 195lbs and my weight as of this morning is 191lbs.  I set myself a goal, that by May 23 I would have lost 45lbs when I started on my road to health a month ago.  I won’t reach that goal, but what I realized after this past weekend, is that what truly matters is that I will be healthy and whole.  I am free to be me, the me that God intended me to be, therefore I am ready to reach my weight loss goal because there is no pressure, only peace.  On Tuesday I purchased a brand new, never been used but second-hand rebounder (exercise trampoline), for next to nothing from a wonderful lady that wanted to get rid of it so I asked her to sell it to me.  Silly me, I thought that it being a “trampoline” that it would be tons of fun and a great and easy way to lose weight.  How hard could it be considering that I have jumped on a variety of friend’s trampolines throughout my life and always had a blast.  Apparently, it is very different, it is worlds apart.  I couldn’t even last on the rebounder for fifteen minutes, I think I lasted ten minutes and that wasn’t even consecutive jumping.  I am still excited about having the rebounder for exercise, a helpful addition to my workout, and it really is fun just a little harder than I anticipated.  I haven’t worked out yet although based on the time I spent on it yesterday, I should be able to squeeze a workout before bed…lol.

Let’s chat over tea about…tea.  I have a few favourite teas at my favourite tea shop – Infusion Bouteaque – what I am drinking right now is Chocolate Mint:  a rooibos tea flavoured with dark chocolate pieces, peppermint and natural flavour.  Can you say YUM!!!!  I great dessert tea or before bed tea great with milk and sugar or in my case natural sweetener.  If you are in the Greater Vancouver, Lower Mainland, pop in to Fort Langley and visit Infusion Bouteque, the owners know everything about their teas and will do their best to help you out.

Good night for now and we’ll chat over tea about….


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