Friday, April 27, 2012

Let’s chat over tea about…children and how your day never turns out the way you expect.  Yesterday I had a great workout with my daughter doing Wii yoga and Just Dance 3 and was going to spend some time on my rebounder (exercise trampoline) when my son came to me saying that he had twisted his ankle on the rebounder.  What I thought was a simple sprain, after a trip to the hospital, turned out to be a serious sprain that will have my son with a tensor bandage and on crutches for at least a week.  The wonderful part of this whole situation was that because of the peace and freedom I now have I was able to laugh where I would have gotten angry.  I know that getting angry at your child for hurting himself is unfair and unreasonable and hurtful but I would react with because I was scared.  I love my children and I want them to be safe and healthy, but accidents happen and that’s what last night, an accident.  Joy is a wonderful thing and because I have  joy now, I was able to laugh at the situation and help my son through the pain he was in and take care of him.

Let’s chat over tea about…skin care and the amazing cleanser I have found at Sephora…Purity by Philosophy.  This cleanser is a miracle, easy, gentle cleanser that removes dirt and makeup and cleanses your pores. “It is infused with sage, chamomile and carrot.” I apply it to my skin dry and then I wet my face and gently rub it in to my skin and eyelashes to remove my mascara for about thirty seconds, I then wet a face cloth and gently rub off everything and my skin is soft, clean, mascara gone, and shiny. It is reasonably priced with the 8oz bottle priced at $28.00 and if you shop at Sephora occasionally you can pick it up using your Beauty Insider points and I believe it is the 8oz bottle that is in the package for 100 points.  I love this cleanser, it so simple and gentle to use I even help my children clean their faces with it.  Love it, love it, love it.

Good night, have a great weekend and let’s chat over tea next about…


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