Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Let’s chat over tea about…handbags, specifically Miche Bags.  I just bought my first Miche Bag from a local Costco after seeing one of my girlfriends with her’s.  I asked her what brand of handbag she had and where she found.  I have a handbag fetish, bordering on obsessive, and am always looking for a great bag for a great price.  She told me that it was Miche bag and that her husband bought it for but she didn’t know where, so as soon as I got home, of course, I googled it…discovered where their next roadshow was and went to Costco yesterday.  They had a great deal – the base, shell and two straps for $100.o0…I chose for my shells the Abbie and the Kali.  What makes the Miche bag so unique is that you have one bag which is the base and then you pick out of 40 some odd shells which you place the base into and they attach by magnets built into the top of the bag…one base – a multitude of handbags and it appears that you have fifty different bags.  It is pure genius and much more cost effective than spending thousands of dollars on bags, when the shells cost around $50.00 dollars each for the Prima which is the largest of their bags.  They have four different sizes.  Check out Miche and discover a whole new world of handbags…beautiful colours, different sizes and easy to swap to match your outfit, your shoes or just your mood.

Let’s chat over tea about…weight loss and your desire to look and feel your very best.  It isn’t selfish, vain or undeserving…it makes you feel good about yourself and that makes you happy.  I was watching the Biggest Loser finale tonight and I had this overwhelming desire to be thin and healthy again, I let myself go, had all these excuses but I’m done.  I want to have another baby, I want to be able to run and play with children and I want my outside to match my inside.  I hadn’t worked out today and had an excuse but tossed it aside and on the commercial breaks, jumped on my rebounder and drank my water.  I’m excited, motivated and determined to reach my weight loss goal of 60lbs by September.  Rebounders cost anywhere from $100 to $200 for a good quality baby trampoline or you can spend a couple hundred dollars on a Wii and the Biggest Loser for the Wii, which I also have and get moving.

Have a good night and we’ll chat over tea again about…


One thought on “Tuesday, May 1, 2012

  1. Michele says:

    Ha!! You finally caved and bought one! Did you get the big bag or the small one?? Which shells did you buy? Inquiring minds want to know.
    (btw: website under construction)


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