Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Let’s chat over tea about…how much I love a new haircut and a new stylist who knows what she’s doing.  I was coming home from church and I stopped in at a new outlet mall close to my house to check out the stores that I had heard so much about from friends.  I parked in front of this cute little hair salon named “Firefly.”  I went in to inquire about their prices at reception and one of the stylists came over to speak to me and I was so impressed by the salon’s atmosphere and cost, that I booked an appointment for last Wednesday.  I arrived a little early, so I window shopped because the stores hadn’t opened yet and then I made my way back to the salon.  My stylist, Theresa, met me at the door and took me over to their closet to put on a robe, we had already discussed what I wanted to have done so she just got to work on my hair.  Theresa’s first order of business was to assess what had already been done at the last salon I went to, figure out what needed to be done.  There wasn’t a whole lot of trimming that she could do because there was some repairing that had to be done first.  Apparently, the last cut I had had done was the greatest, so Theresa took thinning shears and cut out some the bulk that I had as I have extremely thick hair.  Then she took me over to the sink to wash my hair.  When Theresa put in the conditioner, she massaged my scalp, which was just a little bit of heaven and then she did a little trimming and I was done, but it was very precise and she took care.  I will be returning because I believe I have found my hair stylist.

Let’s chat over tea about…exercise and how much you sweat when it’s hot outside, never mind in your house but more sweat, more pounds gone…YEAH!  So, I was just going to jump on my rebounder but then I thought, maybe a little Just Dance 3…just a little.  Once you get started you can’t stop…Black Eyed Peas – Pump It; Tao Cruz – Dynomite; C&C Music Factory – Everybody Dance Now; and then I finished it off with some Bollywood – fun, but extremely difficult.  I am sweating profusely but I feel really good, I would like to do some Wii Fit yoga but it’s almost 8:00 and it’s homework time.


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