Monday, May 21, 2012

Let’s chat over tea about…gardening a how it’s a workout for your back, arms and legs.  My daughter’s school held a fundraiser with hanging baskets, which I am not a fan of only because I have no place to hang them, and flowering plants.  Before I got to work on the plants, I had to prepare my garden, which turned out to be a bigger job than I thought.  I had to weed and pull up grass that had taken up residence in my garden…how did that happen…and while weeding I kept having to pull up, cut up and when I lost the battle leave these massive roots in which I had to idea what they belonged to…workout number one.  Thursday, I picked up the plants from the school and then had to go to the plant nursery to purchase soil and a chlematis to replace the one that had finally died after fourteen years.  With my plants and clematis ready to go and with my sister and children’s help, I got to the planting.  I live in a townhouse, so my beds are very small but without realizing it I had purchased 48 plants…one flat for $16.00 so I bought two because it was a good deal, not realizing how many plants I had to place.  My sister and worked for an hour getting the plants in and then I had to take her home but I wasn’t finished…so when I got back, I had another hour and a half to go but I was exhausted so my wonderful children offered to finish.  They did a fantastic job and all the plants are in, and my garden looks beautiful and I lost two pounds.

Let’s chat over tea about…cooking and how I’m learning to love it.  My fear about cooking is my lack of knowledge, how to follow families recipes because the measurements aren’t always accurate and making them tasty.  So, I have been on this quest to find websites with recipes that are easy to follow, are tasty and don’t take long to prepare and I found the “The Chew.” “The Chew” is a talk show that has celebrity guests like other talk shows, but what sets it apart from other shows is that the whole show centers around preparing easy recipes, with a decorating segment compliments of Clinton Kelly, and then they post the recipes on their website with exact measurements and even the tools you will need to prepare the dish. It is awesome.  Furthermore, my husband helped me on my quest by leading me to a website that has thousands of recipes that are fast and easy to prepare but you can also then take the recipes that you’ve chosen and send them to your “recipe box” so you don’t have to search for them everytime you go to the website.  The name you ask – – check it out.

Have a great day and tomorrow we’ll chat over tea about…


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