Friday, May 25, 2012

Let’s chat over tea about…spending time with your children…I spent Tuesday with my daughter and her friends at the waterslides in Cultus Lake which is an annual event with her school for grades 1 – 8.  This is her fourth year going, although we had to miss it in grade two because my sister had had my nephew and their complications during her pregnancy and so both of them had to stay in the hospital for a week or so.  Back to the waterslides, the weather was not so great, although it didn’t rain, it did shower every now and again, we had the whole park to ourselves – my daughter goes to a small Christian school – so no line-ups, the sun did come out when we needed to warm up, and I had to look out for one of her friends or else she couldn’t have gone.  The teachers were impressed by the fact that I was in the water and playing with my daughter’s friends, they called me a trooper.  The thing is that I would do anything for my children and the opportunity to play with her and her friends is priceless.  I am a stay-at-home mom and although my husband and have made sacrifices – bigger home, newer cars, vacations, expensive clothes – I wouldn’t trade the time I have with my children for anything in the world. I get all school breaks with them, I’m able to take them on field trips and I get to take them and pick them up from school and play dates, it is so worth it.

Let’s chat over tea about…the tea that I’m drinking today…Mexican Mango from my favourite tea shop, Infusion Bouteaque.  Mexican Mango is a black tea with cactus flowers, amaranth, mango bits, pomegranate blossoms, and chili pods.  It has a smooth taste, a bit of a bite and the mango just mixes beautifully with the pomegranate.  It’s perfect all year round and so tasty.

Let’s chat over tea about…talk shows and how I’m finding help from them. Today I watched “The Talk” which I watch whenever I can and there was an amazing man who turned his disorder into a successful business teaching people how to organize their home.  His ideas are simple and inexpensive and easy to do…YAY…so I’m going to find some inexpensive storage boxes and organize my home so that I can take pride in it and entertain, have playdates with my children’s friends.

Let’s chat over tea about…reaching for the stars on the road to health…tonight I went out for a simple family outing and the beach and while there my son asked me to run and for the first time in fifteen years I was able to sprint for about two minutes full out and didn’t end up totally winded and wanting to throw up.  It felt so good I cried, so for all of you out there battling weight loss, take heart because this too shall pass and those little achievements will add up to big achievements and lead you to health and joy.

Let’s chat over tea again about…


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