Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Let’s chat over tea about…new endeavours and how they can change your life…I have been trying to find a way to contribute to my family financially and not have all the pressure and stress on my husband and also I want to have something for myself.  I worked part time through high school and then full time until I became pregnant with my first child and although I enjoyed most of the many different jobs I had, I didn’t have a career and I also knew that one day I would work for myself.  I finally figured out what I wanted to do last week and after chasing down some leads yesterday I became a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant…YAY ME!!!!  Why Mary Kay you ask? for many reasons:  the Mary Kay Companies Philosophy – God first, family second, career third;  I love cosmetics and skin care, so much fun, so many colours, so good for you skin; Mary Kay has a proven track record of sales, quality of product and is debt free; direct selling is one of the few fields in which a woman, without a college degree (that’s me), can earn potentially over $100,000.00 annual income; “Mary Kay does not conduct animal testing on our products, nor do we ask others to do so on our behalf except when absolutely required by law.’  “On December 28, 2011, Mary Kay became the first founding member of the International Outreach Consortium of the Institute for In Vitro Sciences, Inc. (IIVS).  This consortium was created with the primary goal of promoting the principles of non-animal safety testing.  IIVS is an international organization based in the U.S. dedicated to developing alternative testing methods for product safety around the world.  Mary Kay has been active with IIVS since the 1990s and its Science Advisory Panel since 2009.”;  and I wanted to sell cosmetics, short of creating my own cosmetics company, I don’t want to work for someone else so with Mary Kay I can work myself selling products that I love.

Let’s chat over tea about…weight loss and how my weight loss is coming along…I have been losing inches steadily over the past two weeks and I’m almost to a size fifteen comfortably, my weight has come down from 194lbs to 188 and I’m feeling great. I had a mom of my daughter’s friends tell me that I look amazing and it made my day, my week and she asked me what I’m doing…I cut out sugar almost entirely, I’m using a natural sweetener for my tea and the occasional cup of coffee, I cut down my portion size and for breakfast eat my cereal – no kid’s cereals – without sugar, I drink at least a litre of water a day, I cut out junk food almost entirely, and I’m exercising every day except for Sundays – Just Dance 3, Wii Fit, walks in a park near home with hills and the Biggest Loser for the Wii.  That is all that I’m doing, yes, it’s hard at first but when you start to see the changes and you feel better it’s all worth it.

Let’s chat over tea next time about…


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