Thursday, July 12, 2011

Good evening world it’s finally summertime here in Surrey, British Columbia,

We have had two weeks of sunny weather, hot sunny weather, and it has been wonderful….let’s chat over tea about…best friends.  My best friend, who I met in grade twelve at the ripe age of eighteen moved to a neighbouring province, Alberta, at least seven years ago and I have missed her ever since.  We have been friends for twenty three years and have been through losing family, boyfriends, jobs and finally distance but has not affected our friendship because God brings people into our lives, sometimes for a moment but in our case forever.  We laugh, cry, drink, dance, shop and generally have a smashing good time together.  We are very different but are, in the words of Anne of Green Gables, kindred spirits and so once a year we get together.  She comes down to Vancouver for two weeks and we have a girl’s day together, where it’s just her and I and then spend the rest of the time going on outings, adventure sometimes, with our kids and my sister as they are close too.  When her marriage ended it looked like she was going to move back home because her entire family and friends are here and we wanted to support her raising her son and getting through this difficult time in her life.  But, she has met  a wonderful man and it looks like she has met her soul mate and so, although I am sad about her not moving back home, I am so elated for her that she has met the “ONE.”

One of the many things I have in common with, we’ll call her “Hermione” because of our shared love of Harry Potter, which by the way she introduced and pushed me into reading, is tea.  So, as I sit her writing about her, partaking of a new tea that I discovered at the Granville Island Tea Company, it is a mango tea, that in the tin has a very strong smell, when steeped and poured into the cup, smells just like mangoes and tastes just as wonderful.  It tastes like a mango, but better because I have to add sugar and milk.  I have smelled and tasted it before I add the milk and sugar but I’m one of those people that has to add extras to my tea.  Granville Island is located in Vancouver on the other side of False Creek from the downtown core:  It has a children’s market with toy stores, a costume store, clothing stores and a candy shop; a market with, produce stores, meat stores, cheese stores, candy stores, a food fair and so much more.  There are other buildings housing an eclectic assortment of businesses including a hat shop, pottery shop, dive shop and it is all spread out on the “island” so you can spend an entire day there, maybe two which is possible to never leave because they also have a hotel.

Let’s chat over tea next time about…


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