Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Good evening, let’s chat over tea about…today is my mom’s birthday and I would start by wishing her a “HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM” I love you.

Now, let’s chat over tea about…a month I decided to start a Mary Kay business to help support my family financially because my son has to attend a very expensive private school because he has a severe learning disability and no other school can support him.  I purchased the starter kit from Mary Kay as well as what I consider to be the essentials to dress your face:  lipgloss – I bought four different colours; lipstick – I bought three different colours; eyeshadow – I bought five different colours, three of which were part of a set for my eye colour and a cream shadow; eyeliner – I bought two different colours; mascara; facial cleanser; and two different moisturizers – one for every day and a tinted one with SPF 20.  The only product I didn’t purchase was a foundation, only because I don’t wear foundation in the summertime unless I’m going out at night. The product I want to talk about tonight is the mascara; in one word “amazing”.  My “dress” or “going out” colour for mascara is brown, because I am a redhead and my eyelashes are basically blonde, invisible, black just doesn’t look right for me because all you see is my eyelashes.  I don’t want people to look at me and say “wow, Lisa, nice eyelashes.”  I want them to see my eyes and my face.  The Mary Kay mascara that I bought is beautiful: it separates my lashes; it doesn’t clump; it makes my lashes look longer; it’s soft; the brush is long with short bristles spaced out; the colour itself is beautiful, almost a milk chocolate; I love it.  Tomorrow I will slip a note in my post about how easily it comes off.  I have a miracle cleanser that I use almost daily, Philosophy and you can buy it at Sephora, it takes makeup off like a dream.

Let’s chat over tea about…our children’s dreams…my daughter started an acting career, I know she’s ten but it could be a career, about five months ago.  My husband and I made an executive and gently nudged her out of her comfort zone into acting school.  It went well and she was signed about a week after she finished acting school, it was three months long, and her first audition was a month ago and then two weeks ago she had her second audition which led to a call back last week and now we are waiting to her if she got it or not.  We’ll call my daughter Katy, she decided after acting school that she doesn’t want to be “famous,” Katy only wants to do commercials to raise money to put herself through university because she wants to be a marine biologist.  I am struggling because the waiting is the most difficult part of this process, Katy really wants this particular part because of her interest in the product, but if she doesn’t get it it will just roll off her back, me not so much, I want her to succeed. I know, it’s her dream not mine, but we want so much for our children and it’s difficult to see them disappointed although I know they have to experience it.  My conundrum…ahhh…Father help me to be patient and if necessary, help Katy through the process of disappointment and hurt.  This too shall pass…lol.

Tomorrow, let’s chat over tea about…


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