Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Good morning and let’s chat over tea about…exercise and the Biggest Loser Challenge for the Wii.  I set up my profile on Monday and was all ready to do this everyday, I had a great workout and was feeling a little sore after.  Yesterday, I was really hurting especially in my legs and when I went to get dressed, I tried on a pair shorts that I had bought a few weeks ago but didn’t fit then, but when I put them on yesterday they fit.  I am a size fifteen and the shorts were a teeny bit loose in the waist so YAY!!!  When I started on Monday, I weighed 191lbs and I haven’t weighed myself this morning but I’m not entirely sure if I should weigh myself everyday or once a week…any thoughts?  I didn’t work out yesterday because I was so sore and I didn’t want to injure myself, so the everyday workout is going to have to wait and the duration I will have to build up to that too because I was only able to manage 20 minutes of the actual workout and then a challenge.  In total I think I exercised for a half hour, not the 45 minutes I was hoping for.

Let’s chat over tea about…a few months I decided to try this new all-in-one miracle cream – BB cream.  At the time the only brand that I could purchase was Garnier and when I found it at our local drug store they also have am under eye cream that also works as a concealer so I bought both.  The beauty of BB cream is that it takes care of  a multitude of issues with your face; minimizes the appearance of imperfections and pores, foundation base, moisturizer, evens out skin tone, hydrating, protects from premature aging and environmental stresses, matifies skin and controls shine, soothes and calms skin and the list goes on.  I like the Garnier brand but I want to give the others a try so yesterday I bought Marcelles BB cream and I’m going to try Sephoras undereye roller a try for puffiness and dark circles and although it doesn’t work as a concealer I can work around that.

Have a great day and tomorrow we will chat over tea about…


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