Monday, July 23, 2012

Good evening, I had a very busy, family weekend and so I don’t know where to start, well then let’s chat over tea about…tennis and how I have took it upon myself to teach my children.  Saturday, having only one vehicle and no plans my husband and I took our two children, K and J, to our local SportChek to purchase tennis rackets and I needed a new one so a total of three rackets and some balls.  Thankfully, SportChek was holding a buy one get the second half price sale and because we were buying three rackets, they threw in free covers and a can of balls for free.  I had no intentions of starting lessons that day but my children, upon holding and swinging their rackets in the store, begged me to start their lessons right away.  So off we went to our local athletic park to bash some balls around, and again we were fortunate that there were other people there so we had two courts all to ourselves.  I told my children that in order for me to teach they had to do exactly what I told them, which they did and I soon discovered that I did not need to spend a great deal of time on the basics or what my dad taught me.  They are both naturals and I was able to bash some balls around with them, although I was in flip flops they took it easy on me so I didn’t have to run a lot.  J is going to have to work on his timing and I’ll have to research that in order to lead him to greatness or at least games with great rallies.

Let’s chat over tea about…organizing your life in Evernote.  My husband found this great website called evernote and it’s all about organizing your life and making the most of your time, which is what I struggle with so I am learning evernote.  My first task is to create a notebook and I’ve decided to title it “children” because I want to take all pictures of all of my children’s artwork and school stuff and put it all in there.  I will work on that tomorrow and then let you know how it went on Wednesday.

Tomorrow, let’s chat over tea about…baseball


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