Monday, July 30, 2012

Good morning world, let’s chat over tea about…baseball and the emotions it can evoke for some people.  Last Sunday my husband, children and I attended a baseball game, the Vancouver Canadians – our minor league team, we don’t have a major league team in BC – with my some of my husband’s colleagues from work and for my children it was a new experience, a day out with mom and dad, a chance to have popcorn, sweet drinks that they don’t have everyday and the opportunity to watch a sporting event that doesn’t get any attention at home. We are a soccer, hockey, volleyball, horse-loving, tennis home.  I love sports, played every imaginable sport that was available to North American girls you can think of whereas my husband, growing up in South Africa, was very different but he also played sports that were available to him – cricket, rugby, tennis, water polo, swimming etc. but baseball for him wasn’t available, I watched baseball with my grandfather when my sister, brother and I would go visit my grandparents every summer.  I loved watching the game with my grandfather because he would get so excited and animated, never shouted because that was not in his nature, but he expressed every emotion when he would watch sports and even cried when they sang our national anthem and I shared those emotions except I would shout.  So going to see the Vancouver Canadians play was a chance for me to connect with the memory of my grandfather, who became a father to me when my father was unable to be there for me from the age of sixteen onwards, my mother also was not in my life then and so my grandparents took me in and watching the Canadians play took me back to my childhood and teen years sitting my grandfather in their livingroom, watching professional baseball  and sometimes sitting in Nat Bailey Stadium jumping up and down when they would score a run and feeling sadness when they would strike out.  So last Sunday I was sharing with my children the joy of baseball, not always exciting as the first six innings showed and we were down two runs to nothing and then in the seventh inning we had the bases loaded when the next player came up and almost scored a home run, allowing three runners to come home, then the bases got loaded again with only one runner out and the next player came up to bat and scored a low but seriously fast hit right through the first and second basemen on the other team through the outfielders to allow two more of our runners home to make the score five to two for us.  I leaned over to my children said, “these are the moments you watch baseball for, because you never know how quickly the game can change in just one inning and the next thing you know we have players running the bases, coming home and we win.”  It brought tears to my eyes to see my children jumping and screaming as the players ran home, thinking how much my grandfather would have loved to share this moment with them as they developed a love for baseball, then it hit me that he was sharing this moment with them just from heaven.  I love you Gramps.

Let’s chat over tea tomorrow about…


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