Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hello world, let’s chat over tea about…sharing moments from my childhood with my children.  Yesterday my sister and I took our children to Playland which is Vancouver’s amusement park.  I have two children, my daughter is ten and my son is fourteen, my sister has one child and he is three which made the prospect of the rides an interesting experience. If you love amusement parks, have ever been to Disneyland, there is an anticipation as you’re walking to the park:  the sight of all the rides as you enter the gates; the smell of popcorn; the colours of candy floss and candy apples; the anticipation of the mini donuts that you know will melt in your mouth; and then trying to decide which ride you go on first.  How do you choose a ride when my nephew is just three feet tall, my daughter is a little hesitant about big rides because she is on the small side and my son is autistic so he is overly cautious. My sister and I decided to stick with the “kiddie rides” and the ferris wheel just to make all the children feel like they could have a great day and not feel like they were missing out on anything because of fear and size.  My sister wasn’t so sure of the ferris wheel because she didn’t like the rocking of the bucket seats that you sit on and being at the top and having it stop and just looking down at the ground so I said I would scope out the ferris wheel.  I discovered, much to my surprise, that they have a new ferris wheel:  the buckets are actually pods that look like umbrellas that seat up to four people; they are all bright colours; and they don’t rock because they are so big so my sister decided to try it out.  Before we could ride the ferris wheel though, we had other rides to conquer:  the train which goes around a little track with metal structures of birds, fish and other animals, which I made my children ride but my son rode in the caboose; the big cars which go around a track that really is for little ones; the carousel or merry-go-round with the horses that go up and down or you can opt to ride in the immovable carriages which again my son opted out on; the bumper cars where you smash into people and get bounced around, my sister and nephew opted out on that one to ride other little ones rides; the “kiddie” roller coaster which went much faster than I expected and I rode that one with my daughter, we’ll call her K, my son J opted out again; the house of glass which is a maze of corners you get stuck in and winding trails with glass on all sides to find your way out of and K, J, and I had great fun in; my children and I finally found my sister, B and my nephew, N, at another little ones ride and then made our way over to the ferris wheel hoping we could all ride in one umbrella seat but they had to separate us so B, K, and N went in one umbrella and J and I went in another, it started out fine when we were loading which made J nervous so he couldn’t look but then it picked up speed and J was having a great time but I was freaking.  The last ride of the day were these helicopters which looked harmless enough, I got volunteered to ride with N because B can’t do spinny rides, so off N and I went with B, J, and K looking on and again I was fine until we picked up speed.  I don’t know why they call them kiddie rides when you’re spinning so fast that you get pushed into the corner of the seat and your three-year-old nephew is having the time of his life and you can’t wait for the ride to end.  All-in-all it was a great day and everyone had so much fun but that my daughter and nephew slept all the way home while my son, my sister and I ate candy floss and mini doughnuts.  On a final note, kiddie rides aren’t just for the little ones because even us big kids can have a riot when you’re looking through the eyes of a child.

Let’s chat over tea tomorrow about…


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