Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Let’s chat over tea about…road trips and how I took my first one on my own this weekend. Let me start out by saying that I was so exhausted when I came home on Sunday night that it took me to today to recover which is why I didn’t post anything yesterday, so… The road trip was to Penticton to spend the weekend with my best friend Stacey, at her aunt and uncle’s house because there was to be a party to celebrate her grandmother’s 85th birthday.  I was invited because Stacey’s family has known for me almost as long as Stacey has and since Stacey lives in another province, I got to join the festivities so I could have some fun with my best friend and visit with her family.  I have never driven anywhere on my own before, I’ve always gone away with my husband and children and if my husband can’t go then my sister goes on long day-trips so this was new for me.  I was extremely nervous but I had my P’s, my husband, GPS to get me as far as the main road leading into Penticton and then I was going to phone Stacey to get me to her and her boyfriend.  The trip should have taken five hours with pit stops to stretch my legs and have a snack and use the little girl’s room.  I was going to stop at Bridal Falls to gas up and make my first pit stop, as I have driven to Bridal Falls before I wasn’t nervous about reaching that pit stop, it was finding the #3 highway also known as the crow’s nest that was where it could get dicey.  So I left home at 7am, stopped to grab breakfast and and coffee and was on my way, I reached Bridal Falls at 9am which put me right on schedule.  I left Bridal Falls and was on my way to the #3 highway which I found without the help of the GPS and was heading for Manning Park which wouldn’t be difficult to find because it was right on the Hope/Princeton, also known as the #3, and pulled into Manning Park at about 10:30am.  I had a snack, went for a bit of a walk and hit the little girl’s room leaving the park at 11am.  I was once again on my way when about ten minutes out of Manning Park I came to a line of traffic that I couldn’t see the front of the line was stopped with their engines turned off.  There was no way to find out was going on because there is no cell service or radio transmission as I was in the mountains, so I turned off my engine, got out of my van and tried to find someone who knew what was going on?  Finally,  a woman came walking towards me and said that it was either a head-on collision or a rescue because someone had driven off the road, either way I wasn’t going anywhere for a while…


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