Friday, August 24, 2012

Good morning, let’s chat over tea about…road trip pt. 3…after lunch we went to Stacey’s aunt and uncle’s house to drop off my stuff and set up my tent which I had to stay in because all of the beds were taken.  I had a nice big tent that I had borrowed from friends from church…it was a tent for eight so I had a ton of space and I thought I had a good mat to sleep, which I found out later was not, but I digress.  The house is located on Skaha Lake  and when I say it’s on the lake, you walk about twenty feet and you’re in the lake.  Each house has buoys to divide their property in the lake, Stacey’s aunt and uncle have all manner of aquatic activities; a dock to dive off of, a float about hundred feet out, a speedboat, a kayak, wakeboards, and a giant inner-tube. I decided to forego the water activities for the day because I didn’t want to mess up my hair as the party was that night.  So after setting up my tent, we just kicked back and I enjoyed the peace of the lake and sitting in a lounge chair and visiting with Stacey’s family.  The appetizers came out about four thirty and Stacey’s aunt told me to help myself to the food and drinks, which there was plenty of.  I got to visit with Stacey’s sister and her boyfriend, who I hadn’t met yet and was delightful.  People started other than family started arriving about six so I got to meet a whole round of new people who were lovely.  I also got to catch up with Stacey’s aunts and uncles who remembered me from about twenty years ago as the girl who dragged Stacey up to visit with my boyfriend for a weekend and they laughed everytime they see me.  Dinner was served at eight which was a buffet of; various salads, pork tenderloin, salmon, chicken, and moose sausages.  It was lovely to see all these who loved Stacey’s grandma celebrate her and give her gifts and eat cake.  After some more visiting and getting to know people, it was time for bed in my giant tent.  It turns out that my mat was not as comfortable as I remembered, I kept dozing off only to wake again because it felt like I was sleeping on rocks and heard this weird swishing noise like someone or something was trying to get into my tent.  I finally fell asleep, probably from sheer exhaustion, only to be woken about an hour later by Stacey’s son J, screaming that it was raining.  I didn’t have the rain cover on so when I opened my eyes I saw a clear sky and thousands of stars, so it couldn’t be raining.  It turns that the sprinkler system which hadn’t been working for weeks decided to come back to life that night and soaked J and everything in his tent.  So Stacey took him into the house to find him a bed while Murray (Stacey’s boyfriend) and I quickly and haphazardly put the rain sheet on my tent because eventually the sprinklers running right over top of my tent.  I think I got about four hours total sleep and woke at five thirty and couldn’t go back to sleep.  Stacey, Murray and I went out for breakfast and had plans to go in the water, when I found out I needed to go home, I wasn’t supposed to leave till the next day, so Stacey and Murray took me to this beautiful winery named the Blasted Church to pick a bottle of wine for my husband for his birthday.  I ended up, after much pressure, to taste one of the reds that Stacey suggested for my husband and loved it.  I then proceeded to taste two more, one of which I loved and the other not so much and bought a bottle of the first wine I tasted and discovered a love for wine that I never expected.  We went back to the house for me to pack up my stuff and say goodbye and then I was on the road for home…


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