Friday, August 31, 2012

Let’s chat over tea about…a new tea that I discovered…Bengal Tiger Spice that I bought from the Granville Island Tea Company.  It is a black tea with a deep flavour of black currants and apricot with a hint of cinnamon.

Let’s chat over tea about…fear and how I have let it rule my life…until now.  I am taking a final stand on fear…I have been afraid of success; of writing about a friendship that has changed; of becoming the woman that God wants me to be and serving Him in whatever capacity; of letting go of a dream for a life that has distracted me from the life I’m supposed to live; and of losing weight.  But no more, I am done with fear, I am stepping out onto the ledge and if I fall off, I will trust and believe that God’s hand will be there for me to grab onto.

Let’s chat over tea about…getting fit…so, I started the Biggest Loser Challenge five weeks ago and I had my weigh-in and I gained two pounds this last week, but I won’t be discouraged, I will get on the Challenge on Monday and stick with it.  I will succeed and I will post a picture of myself for my now and after so that I can be an encouragement to others.

Let’s chat over tea about…children and how I was watch a movie with my daughter call Ramona and Beezus.  My daughter, K, was watching this movie last night and it had a really great message for those of us who have the best intentions but crazy things happen and we cause accidents because we don’t think.  I say we because I am one of those people, I have the best intentions but sometimes accidents happen and break things or I say the wrong thing, thankfully in spite of myself I am maturing thanks to the grace of God and I am overcoming.  It is a great movie to watch, with laughter, tears, romance and just plain silliness.

Let’s chat over tea about…friendship and how sometimes they change and you have to have the wisdom to let go.  I have writing about my road trip to visit my best friend and this is the last part.  It has taken me a week to finish because I had to find the courage to face the reality of where this friendship is going.  My trip home was wonderful, very relaxing and I had the fun of surprising my family because they weren’t expecting me till the next day.  My husband answered the door because I rang the doorbell due to the bags filling my hands and just stared at me…it was awesome.  My son, J, was sick when I left and wasn’t doing much better when I returned home but it was just a really severe virus and he was better a few days later.  The next Saturday, I had the privilege to witness a miracle regarding another best friend and her family but in that time it opened my eyes to what my friendship with Stacey has come to…


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