Good morning, and welcome back to chat over tea. I thought that I needed to make chat over tea better, more exciting and in doing that I lost sight of what chat over tea was meant to be…a place for me to write about what I love, what’s important in my life, and what God is doing in my life. It is supposed to be fun and thought-provoking, a place for me to vent and and show what makes me feel pretty. So, there will be a few changes but the feeling is the same…laugh, cry, be beautiful and share what’s in my heart.

Let’s chat over tea about…waking up to your life…1:30am, Thursday morning I was awakened, at first I was disoriented and not sure why I was awake, then I began thinking and realized that I had been sleeping for most of my life, not being present, not enjoying my life. I had settled for a life that wasn’t what I wanted or what God wanted for me, but what I thought I deserved. I was abused both physically and verbally, I am an adult child of recovered alcoholic, and the child of an absentee parent, I changed houses and schools more times than I can count and then was raised by my grandparents from the age of sixteen. I have been through counselling, and although it carried me through the dark moments, it didn’t bring complete healing. God has been working in me since I was twelve, but this past May He healed me and set me free. My bestie, Michele, took me to a healing room at a local church and for that weekend the church had invited a group from the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in Redding, CA to speak and minister in the church and healing room. I had no expectations, just wanting healing from my childhood, past relationships with men and mistakes that had affected my life and marriage and God met me there and started me on the path to freedom. He doesn’t give you all the pieces of your broken heart and what broke it all at once, at least not for me because I wouldn’t been able to handle it or see it. That is why He waited until last Thursday morning, early, to awaken me…for me to see that I had settled and in the places in my life; my weight, not doing my hair, not doing my makeup, wearing frumpy clothes and having a messy house. I thought I was content but that was just a mask to hide from the pain but now I am walking in freedom and being present in my life, I am looking forward to the phase of freedom and what He’s going to reveal in me. I am growing in Him everyday now and feeling the presence of the Holy Spirit.

How I am improving chat over tea:  I will be adding videos, pictures, music, weight loss Wednesdays, and a segment on Fridays that have yet to name. I will also have a tea segment about what tea I am drinking everyday, the tea shop where I purchased it from so that you can get some too, and hopefully, the ingredients in the tea. Christmas is fast approaching and as it is my favourite holiday, I will be sharing my Christmas memories, past moments and shopping adventures.

Have a good night and let’s chat over tea tomorrow about…weight loss Wednesday.


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