Weight Loss Wednesday

Good morning, Lets’s chat over tea about…weight loss Wednesday…YAY! I haven’t been able to get to the gym since last Wednesday because my kids have been sick but I have been working out at home on my Wii:  Wii fit yoga; Wii fit cardio; and Just Dance 3. I weighed myself this morning and I am 187lbs, which I know isn’t any weight loss but I’m noticing a change in my clothing and how they fit and also I’m seeing my face thinning so I know that I’m on the right track and that I just have to keep going. I’m having so much fun exercising: dancing with my daughter and Just Dance 3; jogging, yes me enjoying jogging with Wii Fit; yoga; doing some cool balance games; and then there is the walking on the treadmill with a light jog in between, I forgot how much fun exercising can be. Over the weekend I indulged in the best burger ever on my family day in Seattle and surrounding areas: the museum of flight where we saw the shuttle trainer thingie, yes that is the technical term; Alderwood Mall in Lynnwood where we visited my daughter’s favourite store…American Girl…and started her Christmas list and the Blazing Onion where I indulged and didn’t feel guilty; and then on to Target to pick up some groceries which included candy cane Oreos…YUM!! If you’re are ever in Lynnwood, WA stop in at the Blazing Onion and have the best burger I’ve had so far, their menu is enormous with every burger you can imagine and toppings to boot.

American Burger

This is the burger that I had with the best fries and their BOB sauce…you need to eat at the Blazing Onion!!!

Normally I wouldn’t include an outing with family in my weight loss Wednesday post but sometimes it’s fun to mix it up when it’s relevant.

Tomorrow let’s chat over tea about…


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