What Book Am I Reading?

Let’s chat over tea about…what book am I reading, which is a very good question because I have three books that I should be reading, but all three of them hit very close to home for me: 1) Supernatural Ways of Royalty – the next step on my journey to freedom and what God wants me to do for Him in His Kingdom; 2) Chasing Silhouettes – a book about a woman’s journey to freedom from an eating disorder and before I had even started on the first chapter, I realized that I am a compulsive eater and that I have to make a change; 3) Miracle for Jen – a book about a family that is hit by a drunk driver and their daughter is hurt so badly that the doctors said that she wouldn’t survive and how she, with God’s help, recovers and for me, being a mother and having been in multiple car accidents is scary. The thought of one of my children hurt so badly that they could die is terrifying but I have to remember that God is in control and is watching over my children.

I love books and today I was watching one of my favourite movies – I know that this is a post about books and my love of books but this is about books and not a movie per se – You’ve Got Mail…for those of you who aren’t familiar with this movie, it is about a woman who owns a bookstore and how a book superstore opening around the corner from her store, affects her business but more than that how it affects her life. Kathleen – Meg Ryan’s character – meets Joe – Tom Hanks’ character – when Joe is out on a day of fun with his brother and aunt – you have to watch the movie to understand – and meets Kathleen in her bookstore. They have a moment but then she discovers that he is the part owner of a book superstore and his store opening around the corner from her store eventually puts her out of business. She loves books, books are her life, as she inherited the store from her mother and with it’s closing, it causes her to grieve for the loss of her mother all over again and grieving for the loss of her childhood. But then Joe courts her and they fall in love and it opens a whole new chapter of her life that she never could have imagined.  It is poignant, romantic, funny and reminded me how much I love books, not just reading but books. No offense to my husband who graciously loaded Kindle on my laptop to save money on books, but there is nothing like the feel and smell of a book and the sound of pages being flipped and the feel of a bookmark saving your place.

Tomorrow is “something Friday”, the something being a word to describe cosmetics, skin care and shopping at Sephora, so let’s chat over tea about…


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