It’s Friday…Cosmetics and Skin Care

It’s Friday…let’s chat over tea about…two of my favourite things cosmetics and skin care…every Friday I will be talking about cosmetics and skin care and my favourite products, new products that I have discovered and either love or love not so much. A little bit of history into my discovery of all things pretty for face and hair – let me take a step off the beaten path and talk about perfume and why I don’t speak of it because although I love perfume and would wear it everyday, my daughter is allergic to most perfumes and I haven’t the one that suits me and doesn’t affect her – I had to figure it out for myself because my mother left me, my brother and sister when I was on the cusp of that moment when you realize that you want to make up yourself to compliment your natural beauty. Upon my discovery of cosmetics and skin care, I knew nothing of what would suit me and compliment my red hair, fair skin and freckles and acne prone skin so I jumped off the deep end and wore colours that my friends wore and bought what I found in the grocery store. My face broke out, I looked paler than usual and wore pink lipstick…which you can imagine would look ghastly on me. I went t o live with my grandparents when I was almost sixteen and the first thing my grandmother did was to take me to the doctor, he ran some tests then proceeded to tell my grandmother and I that I was a mess both physically and emotionally. He prescribed me these bright yellow pills to take care of the acne infection on my face, along with those he told me to wash my face with a warm face cloth and spot check my new pimples with a gel-like cream that basically burned them off of my face. It worked, like a charm, and I started a path that would go on for years into what colours would work for me, what products would work for me and be healthy for my face, what skin care products would work for me and also using good quality hair care products would also help my acne. I love discovering new products and researching them on how they could affect my skin which lead me to Sephora…my candy store.

Monday let’s chat over tea about…


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