Mish Mash Monday

Good afternoon, let’s chat over tea about…Mondays…gotta love them. I am writing to you this afternoon because I took my son to school this morning after being sick for a week and I received a phone call from the school while I was at the gym informing me that J was sick and could I please come and pick him up. Seeing as I couldn’t write from one of my usual hangouts because I had to drive back home,  I am writing from home this afternoon. Rambling on…I had a very challenging weekend, actually just Sunday was challenging. I have been singing since I could talk – I can sing fairly well but with singing lessons I could be better –  and therefore, it only stands to reason then that my gift that I should using to serve in my church and beyond is singing in the worship team. After some much needed loving criticism from my sister and one of my best friends, who is like a sister, God showed me that He wants me to worship through dance and expression and to serve my church by serving Him.

On a lighter note, I guess mish mash Monday is going to be about music as that’s what I’m thinking about…anyway, I bought a movie without seeing it first, which I don’t normally do but it was on a high recommendation from my sister; the theme of the movie is 80’s rock music; and the cast is amazing. “Rock of Ages” the coolest musical movie ever…I have watched it about twenty times already and I only bought it a few weeks ago. If you haven’t seen it yet and you love music, especially 80’s music, you have to see it. Tom Cruise is amazing, Alec Baldwin is surprising, Julianne Hough shows a whole new side and it’s not country, Russell Brand is not his usual funny self just different funny, the actor who plays the male lead is unknown to me but man does he have a voice – his name is Diego Boneta, Malin Akerman is also interesting as it’s not her usual role but she was amazing also, Catherine Zeta-Jones was hysterical, as you can see I can’t say enough about the case and it’s so diverse and who knew that some of the cast could really sing. Singing 80’s music, especially iconic 80’s music, isn’t easy but the cast made it seem effortless and considering that most of them are not known for their musical expertise, surprising.

Have a great night and tomorrow we’ll chat over tea about…


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