Family and Weight Loss

Good evening, let’s chat over tea about…family and weight loss? I know, interesting title but I will explain myself. As you know I haven’t posted in two days and so I need to make up for that. I was going to post about family on Tuesday and then my Weight Loss Wednesday, but as I have been sick since last week, I haven’t been able to exercise – horrible cold – and although I have lost two more pounds which brings my weight loss to 185lbs, I have missed working out. I love exercising, doesn’t matter what it is, what manner of exercise, I do love getting on the treadmill with my iPhone and just walking. When I can’t get to the gym, I either use my Wii Fit and Just Dance or I use my Biggest Loser for the Wii. This is my post for this week for Weight Loss and when my son goes back to school next week I will be back in the gym and will have more to say. Keep going, keep moving, don’t get discouraged – which for me is extremely important as I tend to go back down that dark path of comfort food – this to shall pass and you will be healthy and whole.

Family, what is family, what makes a family? For some of us it is two loving parents; for some it is one hardworking, loving parent; for some like me it is two loving grandparents who took me in when I was a broken, angry, lost fifteen year old whose parents couldn’t take care of themselves, let alone three children. Then there all those who have been chosen without knowing it; adopted children and I know a little something about this because my brother and one of my bestest friends are adopted. This post is about my bestest friend, Jody who was put up for adoption and was place with a couple who wanted a child but didn’t have the capacity to love Jody the way she deserved. I don’t know why but that is the way it was. Jody knew that my brother was adopted and so when she made the decision to attempt to find her biological parents, she turned to my sister and I. It is scary for a child to face the fact that the people who put them up for adoption may not want to see them or they will be overjoyed to find their “lost” child. For Jody, thank you God, it was the latter. Last November she finally worked up the nerve to find her parents and found her biological sister first.

As this is a lengthy post already, I will stop here and continue on tomorrow adding it to my All Things Pretty Friday post. So have a good evening and we will chat over tea tomorrow about…


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