Mish Mash Monday

Good afternoon, let’s chat over tea about…I know it isn’t weight loss Wednesday but I wanted to share this little tidbit with you because I couldn’t wait so today after I finished on the treadmill I went to the front desk to ask the trainers a question. I wanted to find out how to get rid of the fat on my upper arms without using weights, whether free or machines, because I really don’t enjoy weights. One of the trainers told me that to get rid of fat on your body you actually need to aerobic exercise where you’re working your arms and your legs at the same time; elliptical machines, rowing machines, etc. He offered to show me the rowing machine because I wasn’t too excited about the elliptical and I’ve always wanted to try the rowing machine and then showed me how it works. He challenged me to try to go for five minutes or 800 metres, I got to five minutes and it was hard but so awesome and fun. I love it and it was as fun as I thought it would be and I’m going start using it twice a week and work my way up to four times a week along with the treadmill every day and hopefully the fat will burn away. I like fire; the power, the smell, the way it just eats everything in it’s path and that is the way I see the fat burning off of my body, although there is no smell associated with fat burning, but the way the fat will just disintegrate off of my body…so excited.

Let’s chat over tea about the tea that I’m drinking right now…first let me preface my post by saying that I haven’t drank tea from a bag in a very long time as I discovered loose leaf tea about three years ago and haven’t turned back but…I discovered this vanilla tea at a coffee shop where I used to go for my weekly coffee drink and they make a honey tea latte with your choice of tea bags. I chose this tea for my latte because I love vanilla teas; it is called Vanilla Comoro and it is a decaffeinated Ceylon teas blended with natural and artificial flavours, made by Harney and Sons Fine Teas and I was in Chapters book store one day when I saw it on the shelf so I bought it to have it at home whenever I want.

Let’s chat over tea tomorrow about…family and I will finish the miraculous story of my bestie Jody and her journey to find her biological family.


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