Weight Loss Wednesday

Good evening, let’s chat over tea about…well, first of all, it’s Thursday but I’m going to post  weight loss Wednesday which should be a post to share my weight loss accomplishment for the week but as I shared with you on mish mash Monday, I have added the rowing machine to my workout with the treadmill. I was so excited about how much fun the rowing machine was and how effective it was, that I couldn’t wait to get on it again and go further than the 625 metres that I reached on Monday. Unfortunately, I was up at 5am to take my son to school and heading down the stairs from my bedroom in our loft and I slipped on the top stair and slid down about six or seven stairs before I was able to stop myself. I had somehow flipped on my side so I have rug burns on my waist, hip, knee and ankle, as well as soft tissue damage to my knee and ankle. I love driving, taking my kids to school and being a mom but what bothers me the most about being injured is that I can’t get to the gym; I have been so focused on and committed to getting in shape and being healthy that I am disappointed about not being able to get to the gym or exercise at home but this too shall pass and I will exercise again.

I am at a loss for words right now as there is so much to share I will leave you all tonight as it is very much night.

Tomorrow let’s chat over tea about…


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