Weight Loss Wednesday

Good morning, let’s chat over tea about…it’s good to be back, my ankle is healed and I went back to the gym for the first time Wednesday. I’m sorry that I didn’t post but it was my son’s Christmas concert and I had to pick up my daughter from school at 1:30 to get to my son’s school by 3:00, a trip which can take upwards of an hour and a half; then waste time for four hours until my husband could join us and have dinner and then on to the concert. I headed to the gym after driving my daughter to school and hopped on a treadmill, hoping to get in my 45 minutes but was only able to handle 30 minutes, I did my usual random program which gives me different inclines and I control the speed and then I did 5 minutes on the rowing machine. By the time I was done on the rowing machine, I was hoping to get back on the treadmill for another fifteen minutes but my body said, “no thank you, I am done,” but it felt so good to get back into the groove and even after two weeks of doing nothing, not feeling like I had to start from scratch. Although I didn’t get in my forty-five minutes, I did handle two-one minute jogs instead of one so…YAY ME!!!! I also put back on two pounds but I won’t stress over it because it will come off again and I’m heading to the gym after I finish here to knock it off.

Have a great day and later we will chat over tea about…Book Club Thursday.


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