Weight Loss Wednesday

Good morning, let’s chat over tea about…weight loss Wednesday and how I have been distracted this past week…I weighed myself this morning and I am at 188lbs, which means that I have put on weight and I put on weight because I have been distracted; distracted by Christmas, by no school because of snow, by cleaning my house and I have forgotten what I’m trying to do. So, I will remember why I’m losing weight and put myself first and get healthy, I will look forward to exercising and I will set a new goal: in Vancouver, in the mountains there is a mountain called Grouse, on Grouse there is a hiking trail called the Grouse Grind, it is a hiking trail that goes up Grouse and it is not for the faint of heart but it can be done if you’re in shape. That is a goal that I have added to my list for the New Year, not a resolution but a goal and I will be attempting the Grouse Grind in the summer, which means that not only to I need to lose weight but I need to train. So I will be doing a lot of hiking in the spring to prepare for the Grouse Grind. Join me, pick a challenging hiking trail in your area and prepare for it, get off the couch and find an exercise routine that works for you, get healthy and be happy, be joyful and Merry Christmas.


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